Internal Medicine Clinic № I, Nephrology and Hypertension Centre, Dialysis Centre

List of services provided by the Internal Medicine Clinic, Nephrology and Hypertension Centre and Dialysis Centre

Diabetes – Treatment of diabetes
Hypertension – Treatment of hypertension disease
Treatment of metabolic disorders (fat metabolism etc.)
Treatment of nutritional disorders
Hepatology – Treatment of liver diseases
Treatment of thyroid diseases
Treatment of hormone disorders
Treatment of esophageal and reflux diseases
Treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers
Treatment of gastrointestinal tract hemorrhage
Treatment of gastrointestinal tract tumors
Treatment of nutrients absorption disorders

Endoscopic examinations, surgeries
Hemodialysis, hemofiltration, mobile hemodialysis
Peritoneal dialysis treatment
Inserting of permanent venous catheter

Special laboratory tests (exhalation, helicobacter, starch load, stool, blood and albumin test)


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