Can I pay in foreign currency, dou you accept bank/credit cards?

Prices are in HUF. You can of course pay with a bank/credit card.

If I do not know who to contact with my complaint, what should I do?

Please provide details of your complaints and symptoms by email, and, if possible, attach your previous medical records. Our Customer Service will soon contact you and arrange an appointment for medical examination with the appropriate doctor.

If I have a private medical insurance, how shall I proceed?

Please inform our Customer Service about this fact, give your medical insurance company name, and the rest is our job!

How can I get appointment to the doctor I selected?

Please contact us by email or phone, and our Customer Service will contact the doctor you selected to get you an appointment for the earliest possible date.

After I did pay the price specified in the Quote, will I have to pay anything else?

In most of the cases you do not have to pay anything else. However, the prior offer for clinical treatment only includes informative, estimated amounts. Should unexpected additional costs arise during your treatment, you must settle them before the final report is issued. Such additional costs may be for additional hospital care used by you, […]

Who and when will provide information about payment and prices?

As part of our prior information, our Customer Service should give you the necessary information, but the final amount to be paid will be specified by your doctor in the form of a Quotation after you passed the first medical examination. The fee for the first examination must be paid at one of our cashier […]

Can I have a separate room?

All our clinics offer single and double bedroom accommodation as well. Please contact your doctor for more information!

Do you have any question?

Please contact us +36 70 439 2188 or SEND E-MAIL!